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Sveta and Ben

understand fundraising process and how to get impact investors

Successful fundraising


Learn the secrets of raising money 
for impact ventures
WEDNESDAY 8 June 2022, 
15:00-17:00 CET

Sveta and Ben

Sveta & Ben | #1 Swiss Impact Investing Experts & Advisors, 
Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, Guest Lecturers, 
International Speakers & Mentors

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We are dedicated to creating practice-orientated educational programs for Impact businesses and investors. Our mission is to help them grow profitable positive impact businesses that improve the state of our planet.
Sveta & Ben Banerjee

Are you struggling to raise the money to take your business to the next level?

Do you need the knowledge to become an efficient fundraiser? Are you new to the impact investing sector and need impact investors on board?

During this Summit you will learn why Impact Investing is a booming sector and how to successfully approach impact investors to raise the funds you need to grow your company for the long-term. 
You will get fundraising insights from impact investing experts with 30 years of experience and a worldwide network of impact investors.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

The strength of Impact investments and Sustainable Development cannot be understated. Impact investments generate a positive, measurable social and environmental impact. Furthermore, when well-managed, they often generate superior financial returns on investments.

Moreover, their powerful “deep impact” qualities transform industries. Currently valued at over USD 1 Trillion globally, the fast-growing sustainable development sector is estimated to grow to USD40 Trillion in the coming decade.

To become a winner in the Impact business space it is becoming essential to differentiate your business from competitors and uniquely position yourself as a profitable and impactful business.

This will not only provide you with substantial USPs to thrive in traditional markets but even more importantly, it will help open new opportunities in the impact investing sector for you.

Ben Banerjee

"We are committed to promoting Impact Investing because the UN’s 17 SDGs are creating new winners every day and are changing the world to become a better place."

Sveta & Ben Banerjee


AFTER OUR COMPETITION IMPACT leaders 2022 with original shark from shark tank - kevin harrington - we included investors feedback to entrepreneurs to this 2 hours masterclass, which is critical for YOUR success in FUNDRAISING.

What You Will Learn


What is impact investing, its market, opportunities and how to successfully fundraise and present your investment case in the impact investing sector.

How to get support, expertise, and funds available for your businesses as well as what are the do’s and don’ts when you fundraise Impact money.

What investor profiles you will encounter and how to select the right one. Where to find impact investors and how to manage relation with an investor.

we are connected to some of the wealthiest people on earth. After our discussions with them, we found 5 things which they need to see in any enterprise before they invest. We will share it with you during the masterclass!

Learn To Identify Your Funding Needs

As a BONUS, you will get templates to analyze your funding needs and explore various options of funding for your business.

...And the opportunity to get any question answered during our Q&A session.

"Honest and true - I appreciate very much, that Svetlana and Ben shared so many tipps and tricks and so much of their knowledge so freely with us during the webinars I attended. It was really tangible, that they want us to succeed with our Business Ideas and that they truly want to help with their expertise to make this world a better place for all life. The detailed and constructive feedback that Svetlana gave us about our Pitch Deck made us aware of the weaknesses that we have to clear and correct ... exactly what we need to improve our Pitch. Thanks for your efforts! "

Karin Fuchs
Co-Founder & Vicepresident, SunHeart Business Leaders 

Karin Fuchs


Sveta Banerjee
How will the Successful Fundraising Masterclass help you fulfil your business vision?
Join us to learn about Impact Investing, currently the fastest growing and value-driven sector in the world today. Turning Impact investment and sustainable development into profitable ventures requires both people and methods. Sector-specific information, market intelligence, skill sets, expert tools and network empower your business, thus enhancing your ability to succeed and raise money.
The Impact Investing School equips your organization with an actionable Impact Investing strategy and a highly structured approach to fundraising.
This summit will help you to stay ahead of the curve by embracing holistic Impact Investing solutions to better structure, market and profit from Sustainable Development.
You will also learn:
How to differentiate your investment case to attract interest from investors.
How to successfully approach impact investors to secure long-term funding.
How to discern between different types of investors in the impact investing sector and know which ones are suitable for you.
Perspective is everything
How to get the support and expertise to be ready for investment roadshows.

What people say about us


AFTER running our international unique impact investing show f0r 56 episodes we have discovered the exact formula to attract investors attention, which we will share with you during the masterclass!

H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein 
Executive Chairman, Industrie- & Finanzkontor, Founder Geopolitical Intelligence Services
Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Board of ST1
Founder and principal shareholder of the energy company ST1
H.E. Prof. Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius
Professor, biodiversity scientist, entrepreneur, author
Stephen Brenninkmeijer, Founder of Willows Investments
 Private investor with interests in climate change, impact investing and education 


Join The 2-HOUR masterclass FOR FREE (VALUE $497)

Unlock the secrets to get impact investors

Are you ready to get your business funded?

Date & Time:

8th of June at 3-5pm CET
2-hours online on ZOOM
You will discover a completely new world of impact investing during the masterclass! Sustainability and impact investing sectors have been doubling in the last 5 years. Private investors, asset managers, banks, universities, Governments and other stakeholders are getting engaged in this sector with currently more than of USD 1 trillion estimated market size. Therefore, it is so important to get engaged now and to transform your business in accordance with SDGs.
We believe the best way to learn if from others and how they went about securing funds for their ventures. We will share with you many practical examples of impact companies and how they manage to successfully obtain their funding needs.
Having worked in this sector for over 20 years and obtained funding for several impact ventures, we have gained a unique experience in positioning new impact investment projects and matching them to right investor profiles. Often, presenting the opportunity and story that makes sense to an investor will make the difference between success or failure. That is why understanding investor mindsets and accessing the appropriate network of investors is so important.

What will you know after attending the masterclass?

After the online masterclass you will be empowered with key insights about fundraising for you to make the next step towards getting your business funded!

  • What is impact investing and how it relates to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • What are the do’s and don’ts when fundraising and how to manage relations with an investor
  • Why are Impact Investors good for you and where to find those who will be interested in your project profile
  • ​What are the different investor types and how to select the right one to present your specific funding needs


Sveta & Ben Banerjee 

Sveta Banerjee

Sveta Banerjee 

#1 Impact Investing Expert, TV-Presenter, TEDx-Speaker, Guest Lecturer, Ambassador of Impact Investing & Sustainability

Sveta, Founder of Impact Investing School and Camomile Impact Investing Community. As a recognised expert in impact investing, she is actively raising its awareness within Swiss financial industry by promoting the concept of transformational capital as a force for good. She is uniquely qualified to deliver tailored transformative solutions that include SDGs inclusion, objectives, guidelines, strategy setup, roadmaps and milestones for impact fundraising and business growth. 
Sveta is the keynote speaker and Impact Investing & Sustainable Finance Ambassador of the Diplomatic World Institute. She is a guest lecturer at various universities as well as regular Trainer at Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency.
Aligning the interest of IIS with its clients, IIS shares their international network and full support to the establishment of appropriate introductions and investment partnerships.
Sveta's experience includes Bank J. Safra Sarasin, Société Générale, as well as Family Offices and Asset Management companies in Zurich.
Sveta Banerjee

Ben Banerjee 


Ben, Co-Founder of Impact Investing School, is an experienced serial entrepreneur and thus an expert in Structuring an organization, making it investment ready and fundraising. He has successfully raised funds for Impactful businesses since more than two decades. 
Ben is an Internationally known Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance expert and Thought Leader. Not only is he passionate and knowledgeable on this topic but has devoted his life to this topic. He has more than 20 years of experience in this sector and has worked in various national and multinational enterprises. Founder of various small and large companies (including NGOs) all over Western Europe. He has organized a few Global events participated by Academic, Business, and Political Leaders.
He has banking, entrepreneurial, and organizational experience, supported by International and Multi-cultural experience and background. He uses his network and knowledge for business development to promote impactful businesses and services.
Ben is well known as Speaker at various International and National events and was invited as Guest of Honor to President Obama's Second Inauguration.

Ben has been an adviser to world leaders, policymakers, and Major Funds on Impact Investment and creating policies by anticipating flow of events. He is Member of Global Think Tanks and is well connected in the circles of Political Leaders, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Government and Financial Institutions. 
Make your transformation to Sustainable Development seamless and successful with us!

Hands-on methods and strategies to secure impact funding

We love to engage with each of you! You will be able to ask questions during the whole summit!
We will guide you step by step in the fundraising process, so you will get the answers and will benefit from our knowledge all the way.
During the summit we will use breakout rooms, to work on your fundraising strategy. You will have a chance to get direct feedback from the speaker.

Are you up for the masterclass?

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